Women's Studies Minor

Women's Studies Minor

The Program in Women and Gender Studies at Millersville University is dedicated to incorporating new scholarship on women and gender into the university curriculum. Active in the classroom—as well as in the laboratory, the archive, and, the field—faculty and students work together to investigate women’s experiences and gender relations across a wide array of disciplines. Students probe how social, historical, and psychological forces, organized by gender, shape individuals, communities, and societies.

Learning about the diverse experiences of women of different economic classes, sexual orientations, and cultural, and racial backgrounds, students transfer the critical and analytical skills they develop in the study of gender and society to their other classes and beyond the classroom to other activities on campus and in the broader community.

Courses and events sponsored by Women and Gender Studies provide valuable resources for all members of the university community (students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumnae).

Contact the Director

Dr. Nivedita Bagchi
Director, Women's Studies Program
(717) 871-7483