Purpose of the Program Review

The SSHE Board of Governors Program Review Policy statement lists three purposes for the need for system universities to undertake a program review process:

  • To assure deliberate and continuous attention to enhancement of the quality and to assure mission centrality of academic- and student-support programs with State System Universities.  
  • To analyze and employ quantitative and qualitative data, including student-learning outcomes, on individual programs that will contribute to both university and State System planning.
  • To provide the chancellor and Board of Governors, as well as the council of trustees of each university, with assurance that University programs are being assessed in a systematic fashion and that plans for making continuous improvements are developed and implemented.

In addition to the above broad purposes, each academic department or unit should use the process to improve its current programs and develop (or update) the program’s strategic plan. The Strategic Plan includes the program’s mission statement (what makes the program unique and who the program serves), broad goals and objectives for the next review cycle, and an action plan (details and achievement targets for what needs to be accomplished to make these programs even stronger.  The expectation is that most goals and objectives will be accomplished within existing complement and resources.  Actions to identify necessary additional resources may be appropriately included but must not be the focus of the action plan.