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Program Review Types

Types of Program Reviews

There are four categories of Academic Affairs Units that are required to do program reviews:

  1. Academic departments will use the academic program review model based on outcomes assessment and integrated with 5-year departmental strategic plans or action plans.
  2. Inter-disciplinary programs, e.g., Women’s Studies; Honors; Latino Studies; African-American Studies, etc., will use the academic program model described in item 1 above.
  3. Units that directly support the academic and instructional programs of the University, e.g., Academic Advisement, Act 101/Pace, Admissions, Library, Migrant Education, Office of the Registrar, Office of Graduate Studies and  others will use the academic- and student-support units Model for Program Review.
  4. Other administrative units, such as Police, Alumni Programs, Facilities Management and others will use the academic- and student-support units’ model, but not be submitted to the System Office and, consequently, not make use of the on-line summary.

The Assistant Vice President for Institutional Assessment and Planning will collaborate with the unit’s Dean/Vice President to coordinate a pre-planning meeting that serves to review the program review process with the department chair/unit manager and invited faculty or staff. The Institutional Research Office will provide University-wide data for academic program reviews, but each unit will have to provide customized data (Attachment 3).