Transitioning to Life at Millersville University

Transitioning to Life at Millersville University

College is a journey as much as it is a destination. Over your time at Millersville University you will meet new people who become life-long friends, learn from knowledgeable mentors both in and out of the classroom, challenge yourself, your abilities, and your beliefs, and gain knowledge and skills that will propel you forward in life. At the conclusion, you will have obtained both a degree and an education. And it all starts with orientation.

The transition to college can be a big adjustment for both you and your family. That's why we provide a variety of orientation programs to meet your individual needs. Whether this is your first time in college or you're coming to MU from another institution, whether you came from another country or state or from the surrounding Lancaster countryside, our goal is to position you for success throughout your time at Millersville University. Read more here: 

ELI Student Support Services

Because the transition is a challenging and rewarding season in a student’s life, the ELI has put into place many support services to help you succeed at the highest level in making an adjustment to your new situation. Beyond the areas of support listed below, you will find that our ELI staff are available and eager to help you.

Academic Support Services
International students have the opportunity to improve writing and communication skills by participating in the ELI’s Academic Support Program. Non-native speakers are provided with English support through workshops and tutoring. Both academic and ELI students are eligible to participate in this service free of charge.

Academic Advising
ELI staff are available to meet with students on questions related to classes and future options at Millersville University. Advising is available for a range of topics, including level placement, repeated courses, probationary status and cultural adjustment issues.
Transitioning to Life at Millersville University

International Student Services

International students making the adjustment to studying in the United States and being part of the Millersville community have many wonderful new opportunities; they also have unique challenges and extra requirements. Our staff is here to help you in the following ways:

International Student Advising
International student advisors are here to assist with immigration and cultural advising for all international students. They can also refer you to the appropriate Millersville University department and services, as needed.

Health Insurance
Remember that all F-1 and J-1 students and scholars whose immigration documents were issued by Millersville University are required to have health insurance for themselves and their dependents. Please ask for information or assistance, if needed.

Getting Involved

The ELI encourages students to participate and get involved in many activities and take advantage of services offered at Millersville University and the ELI.

Clubs and Organization
You will find many opportunities to be involved, make new friends and improve your English through joining any of the organizations you will find listed here:

Campus Services and Resources

Read more about the many services and resources offered at Millersville University and listed below at this website:

  • Shuttle Service
  • Career Services
  • Costume Rental Shop
  • Counseling Services
  • Dining Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Club de'Ville
  • Internships & Civic Engagement Services 
  • University Police 

Field Trips and Activities

In addition to language and academic instruction, the ELI offers students several mandatory cultural events, outside of class activities and trips to local and regional attractions, such as nearby locations like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.