Institutional Review Board

IRB at Millersville University

The Millersville University Institutional Review Board (MUIRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects reviews all research involving human subjects to ensure compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations on the Protection of Human Subjects. For further guidance, Millersville University has adopted the Belmont Report as its statement of ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human subjects. This website provides guidance for faculty, staff, students, and other planning to conduct research with human participants under the aegis of Millersville University. The Guidelines contain a description of the principles and procedures governing research with human subjects. A Protocol is provided for submission of proposals for approval by the IRB.

Researchers submitting proposals should forward an original copy of the signed protocol to Dr. Rene Munoz, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration.

The IRB's functions include:

  • recommending policies to the provost that are consistent with federal regulations for research involving human subjects and the Belmont Report as the ethical guideline which has been adopted by the University;
  • reviewing proposed and ongoing activities in teaching and research settings where human subjects are used;
  • distributing and make available information that is pertinent to the above activities;
  • providing for the education of the university community regarding the ethical treatment of human subjects in research;
  • overseeing the policies and procedures dealing with protection of rights and welfare of human subjects;
  • reviewing any research which poses a possible threat to the rights and welfare of human subjects.

Meeting Dates

Fall 2014

To Be Announced

Proposals requiring a full Board review must be submitted ten days in advance of the meetings.

Contact Us

For additional information contact:

Dr. Karena Rush, IRB Chair, at 871-2309 (


Dr. Rene Munoz at 871-4457 (


Submit completed protocols to: Please see FAQ section for details.