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Accessibility Announcement

Individuals wishing to participate in activities scheduled for the Dance Studio on the second floor or the martial arts room or pool in the basement of Brooks Hall that have difficulty accessing these facilities should contact Dr. Nesbitt at 872-3705 or by e-mail at to make arrangements for the activity to be moved to an accessible facility.

Accessibility Plan for Brooks Hall

BOOKSHARE is currently offering individual memberships free of charge to students with qualifying disabilities.


The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company has Student Intern and Co-OP positions in many areas of business as well as Retail Sales Representative in its Sales Organization.

Contact the Hershey Company for details:

AccessComputing: Internships and Mentoring for Students with Disabilities in Computing Majors 

With the new school year underway, it's a great time for students to think about their professional development and their career plans.  AccessComputing would like to invite students with disabilities who are pursuing computer science or other computing-related majors to join our AccessComputing team. AccessComputing, a National Science Foundation funded project, aims to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing careers.

Student team members engage in online mentoring, receive professional development support, and are eligible to request funding for internships, travel to conferences, and tutoring. To join the team, students must complete and submit an application, available online at:

Students are encouraged to contact Brianna Blaser at 



Scholarships for Students with Disabilities




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College   Scholarship Program

Pediatric   Brain Tumor Foundation




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The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) offers a scholarship program     to students who have survived a central nervous system brain and/or spinal     cord tumor. Scholarships are available to high school seniors, high school     graduates starting college and college students.



Marilyn Yetso Memorial Scholarship Award

Ulman   Cancer Fund for Young Adults




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The Ulman     Cancer Fund for Young Adults established the Marilyn Yetso Memorial     Scholarship to support the financial needs of a college student who has     lost a parent to cancer or has a parent with cancer and who display     financial need. These competitive awards seek to honor the spirit, energy,     and determination that Marilyn displayed during her life,her love for her     family and friends, and her courageous battle with colon cancer.


Improved Access to Digital Download Books for Blind and Low Vision U.S. Citizens

The new BARD download audiobook and magazine service is available free of charge. See below.

Longueuil, May 25, 2009

On April 30, the National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), a division of the Library of Congress in the United States, entered the first phase of its transition to a digital playback system, as well as releasing an upgraded version of its pilot download website. Beginning with the testing of 5,000 digital players by NLS patrons in their homes, NLS is preparing to launch full-scale production and distribution of 26,000 machines per month this year, ensuring continued access to reading materials for more than 500,000 registered users.

New to the NLS program is a state of the art online component, called the Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) site. This new site for blind and physically handicapped patrons of NLS now provides better than ever access to digital audiobooks and magazines. The BARD digital books and magazines are in the ANSI/NISO Z39.86 2002 format, the specification for navigable digital talking books. Readers may press buttons on the NLS digital talking-book player and compatible players to jump from chapter to chapter, section to section or page to page. This ability to quickly navigate the book structure, combined with the high-quality human recording, make the new digital NLS download books one of the most significant advancements in the provision of talking books for blind and low vision people.

"The high quality navigable digital books from the new NLS BARD service represent a major advancement in access to books, magazines, and electronic braille for Americans who are unable to read print due to blindness, low vision, or physical disability", says Gilles Pepin, CEO of HumanWare. "With BARD, NLS brings its library into the home of its patrons. Not only do NLS patrons now have access to thousands of digital books but they can find their book of interest and download it in minutes independently and from the comfort of their home computer."

HumanWare manufactures the popular Victor Reader Stream, a DAISY NISO compatible digital talking-book player designed in collaboration with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), which several thousand NLS patrons already use to play the new digital NISO books. The NLS digital books on the BARD site are protected by encryption and compatible digital book players must be authorized by NLS for eligible patrons to play the books.

The ability to press buttons on the Victor Reader Stream to easily jump between chapters, pages, or magazine articles, like the NLS digital talking-book player, provides a rich audiobook reading experience never before experienced by audiocassette readers. For reference books such as cookery books the user can even enter a page number from the table of contents on the Stream telephone-style number pad and the playback will move immediately to that page. With the NLS player, Victor Reader Stream, and the NLS BARD books, users now have immediate access to thousands of books and can navigate them just like they would navigate the equivalent print book's structure.

The new BARD download audiobook and magazine service is available free of charge to eligible blind and physically handicapped individuals in the U.S. and to citizens living abroad, who have access to a computer and high-speed Internet connection, and who have a free NLS digital talking-book player or own an authorized compatible digital talking-book player such as HumanWare's Victor Reader Stream. To learn more about BARD service visit

disABLED Person Inc. for Employment

disABLEDperson, Inc. is a public charity organization since 2002 whose primary focus is disability employment. We want to help you, a person with a disability find employment. So come, post your resume and look through our job listings. Our site also offers both email and SMS texting job alerts! Sign up and get job listings sent to you every day.