Program Components

Student/Parent Meetings

Parent-Student Meetings are scheduled for program participants on a monthly basis from September through April. The meetings are used to update the student and parent on program events, introduce them to relevant materials, procedures or individuals, and eventually assist them with the process of completing forms (college admissions applications, financial aid forms, etc.).

College Skills Development Workshops

All Partnership students in grades 9th through 12th participate in skills development workshops. Beginning in September of each year, students are involved in at least one workshop per month, with transportation and meals provided when the workshop is conducted on the university campus. The students participate in a group learning environment which includes such areas as study skills, note-taking, time management, human potential, self-evaluation, anxiety reduction, etc.

Corporate Mentoring

Each mentor meets with a group of same-grade level students one Monday per month from November through April.  Mentoring sessions occur after school for about one hour at the Millersville University campus.  During each of these mentoring sessions mentors focus on a different topic.  A list of all topics  and suggestions for discussion and participation are available in November.  Each topic is hand-picked and specifically designed to prepare students for their post-secondary education.  Many mentors find that their relationships with students continue beyond the program, and they often serve as a great networking tool when the students enter the professional world.