October 13, 2016 Colloquium

Saving the Whooping Crane, One Equation at a Time

Rebecca Grube, Millersville University

Abstract: This past summer, I did Mathematical Biology research at Sam Houston State University in Texas.  In this talk, I will share my experiences during my two months in Texas and of course, the research itself. The Whooping Crane, an endangered species that migrate along the Texas Gulf Coast, was the focus of our research.  We created a three compartment ordinary differential equation model that simulates the berry growth of the Carolina Wolfberry plant, which is a key food source for the Whooping Cranes.  We will talk about various techniques for analyzing the model, as well as biological impacts of the model and the future of the Whooping Cranes.

Location: Wickersham 201, Millersville University

Time: 4:00 - 5:00pm