Entertainment Technology

Entertainment Technology

Entertainment Technology - BA-MDST Major

Today's media world of live concerts, television, film, web-casting and theatre
incorporates vast amounts of complex technology combined with the artistic
demands, discipline and dedication of armies of employees. Now and in the
foreseeable future, those students who are equipped with the balance of
technology and the performing arts and all the related problem-solving skills will
be in high demand.  Students equipped with the following skills, which are at the core of the MDST Entertainment Technology Program,  will be ideally prepared for successful careers:

  • Be very familiar with structural, electrical, and operational safety.
  • Analyze and solve rigging and operating challenges in diverse venues.
  • Supervise and/or work with diverse local and road production crews.representing the various trades.
  • Observe entertainment ("backstage") protocol including union regulations.
  • Integrate (or coordinate) video and lighting technology with sound (music).
  • Be familiar with computer networking and video feeds and adapt to current lighting technology.
  • Able to adapt to proprietary technology of the employer or the specific event.

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Core Program 1 (18 credits)

Foundations of Theatre

  • THEA 120: Stagecraft 
  • THEA 220: Lighting and Sound 
  • THEA 312: Principles of Stage Design 
  • THEA 412: Stage Management  OR THEA 350: Theatre Management 
  • COMM 121: Introduction to Audio Video 3cr
  • COMM 321 Television Production I OR COMM 320 Radio Production*

*may substitute COMM 422: Advanced Audio and Sound

Core Program 2 (18 credits)

Foundations of Technology

  • ITEC 130: Production Materials & Processes
  • ITEC 241 Drafting Communications
  • ITEC 261 Electronic Systems
  • ITEC 262 Semiconductor Electronics
  • ITEC 325 Power Conversion & Control
  • ITEC 466 Wireless Communication Systems 

Capstone Experience (3 credits)

Select From:

  • ITEC 498: Independent Study in Applied Engineering & Technology
  • THEA 498 Independent Study in Theatre
  • ITEC 300: Co-op/Internship in Applied Engineering & Technology 
  • THEA 300 Co-op/Internship in Theatre

Related Electives (9 credits)

Select From:

  • ART 245 Creativity, Innovation, and Human Centered Design Thinking
  • MUSI 103 The Language of Music I 
  • PHYS 101 Survey of Physics
  • PHYS 205 Musical Acoustic
  • ENTR 201 Art of Entrepreneurship 3cr
  • OSEH 120 Fundamentals of Safety and Health