Individual Proposal Process

Steps in the Individual Proposal Approval process

The process for proposing an individual program of study for approval is as follows:

1.     Meet with MDST Coordinator

2.     Consult with Designated Faculty Advisor(s)

3.     Second meeting with MDST Coordinator

4.     Development of Curriculum proposal

5.     Third meeting with MDST Coordinator

6.     Secure signatures for proposal

7.     Submit proposal to MDST Coordinator (with current DARS or transcript attached)

8.     MDST Coordinator submits proposal to MDST Committee

9.     MDST Committee reviews, suggests revisions as needed, and then approves

10.   MDST Committee Chair signs approved proposal document and submits to MDST Coordinator and Assoc.  Provost

11.   After proposal is approved, students must complete Change of Major form