Program Structure

Program Structure

Structure Overview

The proposed curriculum comprises a maximum of 39 semester credit hours (“credits”) of course work in the major. The proposed curriculum is divided into three constituent parts, with the remaining credits used to meet the General Education requirements and elective credits.

Core Program 1 18 credits (9 credits advanced coursework required)
Core Program 2 18 credits (6 credits advanced coursework required)
Capstone Course 3 credits (advanced research seminar, internship, or practicum)
MAJOR TOTAL 39 credits (18 credits advanced coursework required)


  • Students in the major will also identify (with their advisor) three electives (minimum 9 credit hours) of appropriate and related course work.  These electives may be drawn from General Education credits.
  • With the approval of the Program Coordinator and the student’s advisor(s), a program of study may be modified to include (#1) 18 credits from an existing department or minor program and (#2) 9 credits each from two related departments or programs. No student may graduate in the major without successfully completing a minimum of 36 credits in the Core Program and a Capstone Course.