Admissions Checklist

Admissions Checklist:

STEP 1: Submit an application to the University Admissions Office. Take some time to view information regarding the University Admissions process, Housing, and Financial Aid.

STEP 2: Second, you will need to submit the Department of Music Application. Submissions are done online. If you need assistance, contact or 717-871-4701.

STEP 3: Schedule an audition for the music department. (Available audition dates) ALL music majors  and minors require an audition - this includes students in the Music Business and Technology Program.

STEP 4: You will receive a Letter of Confirmation and also a phone call once your audition has been scheduled.  If you have any questions regarding your application or audition, please contact the Auditions and Outreach Office at or 717-871-4701.

STEP 5: Students will receive unofficial notification of acceptance from the Department of Music, usually within one week of the audition, with official written confirmation mailed from the Millersville General Admissions Office at a later date.  If you pass the audition, this does not automatically guarantee your admission into Millersville University and vice versa.

STEP 6: You will receive notification from Millersville University on your status of academic eligibility to the university.

STEP 7: At this point, you have all the materials you need to choose which college you want to attend, and we hope that it is Millersville University!  When you have made your choice, we need confirmation from you that you are planning to attend.

STEP 8: Send in your Letter of Intent by May 1.  This will confirm that you are planning to attend classes in the next Fall of that year.  After that, the admissions process is finished!  You will be recieving more information on housing, financial aid, and anything else to help you make your transition smooth and your time with us as successful as possible.  Welcome to the Department of Music at Millersville University!  Good luck!