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Student Advisment Materials

Advisement Packets for First Year Students entering Fall 2016 or later (INCLUDING TRANSFERS AND SECOND DEGREES)

Advisement Materials for students entering BEFORE Fall 2016:

Degree Program Advisement Checklist Advisement Packet
BA - MBT Advisement Checklist Advisement Packet
BA - Performance Advisement Checklist Advisement Packet
BSE - Music Ed Advisement Checklist

Advisement Packet - Strings
Advisement Packet - Voice/Guitar/Piano
Advisement Packet - Wind/Percussion

Millersville University Resources

myVille Class schedules
MAX Student forms center
D2L Library
Campus Map

Health and Wellness

Hearing Health Protection   

Protecting Your Hearing Health
Protect Your Hearing Every Day
Noise/Hearing Conservation
Noise/Hearing Loss Prevention
Musician Fact Sheets

Musculoskeletal Health & Injury

Musicians Health
Pianist's Injuries
Violin/Viola Shoulder Rests
Musician's Way - Wellness
The Role of Rest

Psychological Health

MU Counseling Center
MU Fitness Center
Performance Anxiety
The Inner Game of Music (book)

Equipment Safety

Lifting Safety
Electrical Safety

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