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Integrated Studies at Millersville University

Integrated Studies at Millersville University is an inclusive four-semester Postsecondary initiative where individuals with an intellectual disability can obtain a high-quality, individualized education that will lead to social and professional networks, careers and a bright future. This inclusive initiative is intended to strengthen our academic community and the broader community as well. Prospective Integrated Studies students will engage in meaningful foundational experiences that will enhance their personal growth socially, academically and vocationally.

OASIS Program at Mercyhurst University

Students enrolled in the Oasis Program can choose a one or two year option as well as to live on campus or commute while they participate in coursework alongside peers with similar vocational interest at Mercyhurst University's North East campus. Currently, the program offers four different proficiency-based certificate areas: Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Business Administration and Early Childhood Education. Students are supported by program staff, peer mentors, and a wide variety of academic success offering on the inclusive campus. Following an academic year of courses, students complete an internship in their area of study. The top three (3) priority areas for this program are employment, self-determination, and college course access.

Career Studies Program at Penn State University - Harrisburg

Penn State Harrisburg has developed an inclusive Postsecondary Education (PSE) program.  Students with Intellectual Disabilities enroll in academic courses with non-disabled peers and are full members of the campus community, and also participate in a Continuing Education Customer Relations course.  The students receive social and academic support from Peer Mentors, who are currently enrolled full-time students at Penn State Harrisburg. Under partnerships with employers in the region, students visit job sites with a job coach to observe work and explore various careers with the opportunity for work experience and apprenticeships. The top three priority areas for this program are employment, self-determination, and college course access.

Leadership and Career Studies at Temple University

(Program Description Coming Soon)

REAL Certificate at Arcadia University

The Raising Expectations for Academic Learning or REAL Certificate offers students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the same learning environments available to same-age peers in an academic-, vocational- and social inclusion-focused program. This two-year program includes auditing a minimum of one (1) undergraduate course per semester and completion of a specified number of vocational and other experiences. An individual plan for college participation is developed for each student.

SEED Program at Lehigh Carbon Community College

The Success, Engagement, Education, Determination (SEED) program provides comprehensive "direct" services for students with intellectual, neurological, physical, mental, and related disabilities interested in a college experience to master skills in transition, academic, and/or career areas. Instruction is provided in independent living, socialization, and soft skills. Through partnerships with Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living, Lehigh Carbon School Systems, and LCCC faculty/staff; mentoring, coaching, work experiences, education, and training are provided to meet their adult related goals and maximize their employment potential.

Career Independent Living & Learning Studies at East Stroudsburg University

Career, Independent Living & Learning Studies (CILLS) is a program sponsored by East Stroudsburg University that is designed to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities with a learning experience in a campus environment where life and work skills are accelerated by daily encouragement in the life of a university. The program includes living off campus and acquiring proficiency to function among others without disabilities on campus. In addition, the program provides personal development activities combined with classes designed to develop essential skills for independent living and future employment.  This program is a non-degree certificate program that will operate on a three year cycle.  The program participants are involved in learning experiences designed to meet specific individual needs, traditional opportunities of interest that are available to all students at the university, university classes and an internship that will provide them with practical work and community experiences. In essence, the program activities include personal development situations combined with opportunities to develop essential skills for independent living and future employment. The CILLS program promotes self-advocacy and utilizizes mentors and peer supports to accommodate the different learning abilities of participates in all learning domains.

Holy Family University

Program under development