Charge to The Committee

Charge to the Presidential Search Committee

The Millersville University Council of Trustees would like to thank you for your willingness to serve and for your commitment to a successful search.  As a member of the Millersville University Presidential Search Committee, your role is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Council of Trustees.  You are charged with the responsibility of identifying three to five candidates to present to the campus community and Council of Trustees for their preliminary review and consideration.  

As a committee, we ask you to search broadly and identify candidates who most closely align with the requirements outlined in the finalized leadership profile/position description.  Witt/Kieffer, a professional executive search firm, has been selected to assist the search committee during this process to identify possible candidates, review potential candidates’ credentials, interview potential candidates, and ultimately present the names and dossiers of two candidates for the presidency the Council of Trustees.

When presented to the Trustees, the recommended candidates should not be ranked.  The Council of Trustees has a fiduciary responsibility for finding a President that is best-suited to lead the University and the Council shall be responsible for forwarding its recommendations to the chancellor.

The Search Committee itself is broadly representative, but individual members are not charged with representing a constituency.  Each member of the Search Committee represents the University as a whole, and the charge is to assist in identifying the next leader for our University.

Regular attendance at and participation in Search Committee meetings by all committee members is essential to the work of the presidential search.  Board of Governors’ Policy governs dismissal and replacement.

It is a priority of the Search Committee to conduct a search with the understanding that the identities of those applying for the position, as well as deliberations, must be kept completely confidential.  Accordingly, throughout the process, and forever after, the Search Committee shall commit to complete confidentiality as to the names of the candidates and information about them, as well as the broad scope of the committee’s deliberations.

The Chair of the Search Committee will be the only spokesperson for the committee and the Council of Trustees Chair will be the spokesperson for the Council regarding the Presidential search.

Thank you once again for your willingness to serve on this very important committee.