Faculty Profile

Dr. Frederick Foster-Clark

Dr. Frederick Foster-Clark

Professor and Department Chair, Ph.D. Developmental Psychology, Cornell University

Office: Susan P. Luek Hall 113A
Phone: 717-871-7265

Office Hours

M: On Sabbatical, Spring 2018
Comments: Other hours by appointment

Additional Information

Dr. Foster-Clark received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bates College and then went to the University of New Haven where he received a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. From there, Dr. Foster-Clark was accepted to Cornell University where he received a Master of Arts Degree and a Doctoral Degree in Developmental Psychology.

Since coming to Millersville in fall 1989, Dr. Foster-Clark has taught courses in General Psychology (PSYC 100), Statistics and Experimental Design I & II (PSYC 211 & 212), Development of the Child and Adolescent (PSYC 227), Advanced Lab in Child and Adolescent Psychology (PSYC 379) and Acquisition of Gender (PSYC 496) at the undergraduate level. He has also taught Advanced Developmental Psychology, Advanced Adolescent Psychology, and Research Design & Statistical Analysis at the graduate level. In 2005 he developed and began teaching a First-Year Seminar entitled “Why We Hate.”

Since 2001 Dr. Foster-Clark has also served as Coordinator of General Education for the University. He has been responsible for the review, revision, and assessment of the General Education curriculum and has assisted in the development and assessment of the First-Year Experience program.

Dr. Foster-Clark's area of specialization is child and adolescent development with a secondary concentration in quantitative psychology and research methods, as can be seen by the emphasis on these topics in the titles of the courses he teaches. His research interests lie within the realms of child and adolescent gender-role development, social relationships in adolescence, delinquency, and identity formation. Currently, Dr. Foster-Clark is actively involved in research on the impact of college on students’ personal and academic development.