Faculty Profile

Dr. Tae Woo

Additional Information

A native of South Korea, Dr. Woo earned her B.A. degree at the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences of Seoul National University. Her undergraduate education was only peripherally related to Psychology as it is understood and practiced in the United States; rather, it was an exotic blend of (Western and Eastern) philosophy and aesthetics, most of which escaped Dr. Woo’s pragmatic mindset. Unlike her closest college friends who opted to pursue their graduate training in European countries, Dr. Woo decided to embark on her doctoral training in the United States. This decision reflects both her pragmatism and fascination with American culture.

Dr. Woo’s graduate training at Purdue University in Indiana focused on how individuals evaluate low probability-high risk events such as a major accident at a nuclear power plant or a severe flood and how these evaluations influence their attitudes and decisions regarding these events (e.g., whether to live near a nuclear power plant or purchase flood insurance). Since Dr. Woo began teaching at Millersville University in 1982, her research interests became much more eclectic as collaboration with students became the main focus of her scholarly activities. The topics of research that Dr. Woo and her students have collaborated on over the years include: gender differences in personal/intimate relationships, various factors that influence adjustment to college life and academic performance, the role of personality factors in self-appraisal of ability and response to evaluative feedback, and self-related processes in general. Dr. Woo also has a standing interest in the influences that culture and religion have on human behavior.

In addition to General Psychology (Psyc 100), Dr. Woo teaches three courses in the Psychology Major core electives: Social Psychology (Psyc 317-spring semester), Personality Theory (Psyc 335 – fall semester), and Tests & Measurements (Psyc 417/517 – spring semester).

A fan of just about every genre of music including some country music, Dr. Woo especially enjoys listening to jazz and classical music.