Contacting the Purchasing Staff

Below is a list of references to contact, as well as where to look up information.

Fax: 871-7967

David Errickson

Extension: 871-4183

Director of Purchasing and Campus Services

  • Copiers - Questions concerning new or existing accounts;
  • Ricoh copier information;
  • Insurance claims;
  • Campus Storage Access;
  • Palmer storeroom;
  • Shuttle Bus information.

Lauren Weitzel

Extension: 871-4184

Assistant Director of Purchasing and Campus Services

  • Fixed Assets and Capital Asset Inventory
  • Disposal of Surplus Items; 
  • SAP Inventory System;
  • New funiture planning & acquisition;
  • Assigns SAP requisitions to buyers.
  • Supervising Mailroom and ID Office.

Jean Ressler

Extension: 871-4181

Administrative Assistant of Purchasing and Campus Services

  • Travel - Travel Request form, Travel Voucher, Travel Payments - Travel Regulations manual
  • Hotel Payment Processing - Process any payment processes for Applicant Travel, Speaker/Performer Travel, etc.
  • Purchase Card (Master Card) - Any questions or problems using the purchasing card & the Works.  Applications are on the Purchasing website.
  • MU Travel Card (Master Card) -Should be used for travel expenses. With department head's approval, applications are on the Purchasing website.
  • Office Max - Can answer any questions or problems concerning the use of the online ordering of office supplies.
  • Office Max Retail Connect Card - State contract pricing same as online ordering, card can be signed out in the Purchasing Office.
  • BJ's Membership card - Can sign out in Purchasing Office
  • Tax Exempt forms, Credit References
  • Cell Phones - Questions or problems concerning new or existing accounts for cell phones paid by the university. Reimbursement for personal cell phones contact the Payroll Office.
  • Express Mail (UPS) - Questions or supplies relating to UPS pickup and delivery.
  • Enterprise - Questions or problems concerning rental cars and billing charges to departments.
  • Vendor ID Assignment - Input and approve vendors.  Must have vendor W9 to process.  Vendor request form on Purchasing website.

Kathy Fulmer

Extension: 871-4185

Purchasing Agent I for Purchasing and Campus Services

  • Online Requisitioning - Training for input of requisitions into the on-line order system.
  • Purchase Orders for Materials - Processing of purchase orders for materials.
  • Services less than $1,500 - Processing of purchase orders for services less than $1,500
  • P-Card - Post audit of all P-Card statements
  • Vendor ID Assignment - Input and approve vendors

Ryan Bonafair

Extension: 871-4186

Purchasing Agent II for Purchasing and Campus Services

  • Bids - Advertises and issues (award based solely on cost)
  • Requests for Proposals - (award based on a combination of cost and other selection criteria).
  • Service Purchase Contracts (SPC's) - issues for services $1,500+ (Example: honoraria for guest lecturers, annual maintenance contracts, software licenses, and one-time services.)
  • Blueback Contracts - that are developed from Requests for Proposals
  • Miscellaneous Agreements - reviews to assure that their terms & conditions do not conflict with PA state law. Also obtains the appropriate University signatures (Vice President of Finance & Administration and/or University Legal Counsel)

Mike Miller

Extension: 871-7052
Fax: 871-7893

  • Moving Labels;
  • Receiving;
  • Returning PO items
  • Campus deliveries

Rob Brown

Extension: 871-7068
Fax: 871-7893

  • Receiving and returning PO items;
  • Moving Labels;
  • Answer sheets and
  • Shredding

Patrick Kulp

Extension: 871-4338

Labor Foreman

  • Heavy Moving & Deliveries

Jason O'Connor

Extension: 871-4338


  • Heavy Moving & Deliveries

Edward Foehlinger

Extension: 871-7008

Mail/ID Services Supervisor

Mary Brandt

Extension: 871-7008

Mail Services/ID Clerk

Ruth Blake

Extension: 871-7008

Mail Services/ID Clerk