Working Groups

Ten of the Working Groups are Organized by MSCHE Standards

Standards Assigned to the Working Groups

MSCHE Standard Description Self-Study Working Group (WG)
Standard 1 Mission and Goals WG 1
Standard 2 Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal
Standard 3 Institutional Resources
Standard 4 Leadership and Governance WG 2
Standard 5 Administration
Standard 6 Integrity WG 3
Standard 7 Institutional Assessment WG 4
Standard 14 Assessment of Student Learning
Standard 8 Student Admissions and Retention WG 5
Standard 9 Student Support Services WG 6
Standard 10 Faculty WG 7
Standard 11 Educational Offerings WG 8
Standard 12 General Education WG 9
Standard 13 Related Educational Offerings WG 10

The 11th Working Group focuses on Communication and Morale

An 11th Working Group has as its charge the communication of the process to all stakeholders in the University community. This group is also responsible for helping maintain the morale within the University during the self-study process.

Working Group Membership

Approximately 120 faculty, staff and students participate in the working groups. In addition, each working group has a liaison assigned to the steering committee to help promote communication.

Rosters for the 11 working groups are located in this pdf document.