ROTC Fact Sheet

ROTC Fact Sheet

  • Military Science is a regular college class that counts towards the overall credits needed for graduation. Students may take the first 2 years of Military Science before making a commitment.
  • Students incur absolutely no obligation for future program involvement or military duty by enrolling in ROTC and taking the introductory courses during their freshman and sophomore year.
  • Students receive credit towards your Millersville University degree from ROTC:
    • MILSCI 301 and 401 each provide three academic course credits in free electives block
    • MILSCI 201 provides two academic course credits in free electives block
    • MILSCI 101 and 102 provide one academic course in free electives block
  • All students enrolled in Millersville University Army ROTC find it only takes up a small portion of their time each week. Cadets meet:
    • Thursday afternoon from 1600 to 1730 for Leadership Labs
    • Wednesday morning for Physical Training from 0615 to 0730
    • Freshmen have military science class once a week for an hour and a half
    • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors meet twice a week for a total of three hours.
  • All students who receive an ROTC commission incur an 8-year service obligation. The majority of students choose to serve 4 years on active duty upon graduation, followed by 4 years in the inactive reserve. Students, scholarship and non-scholarship, who have lined up good jobs in the civilian community before graduating and would prefer not to go on active duty for 4 years may request guaranteed reserve forces duty. If approved, the student would serve only 3-6 months on active duty and the remainder of his/her obligation (7 ½ years) in an Army Reserve or Army National Guard unit.
  • Those who do decide to leave the Army after serving their time find that they are very marketable in the civilian world. In fact, many CEOs of major corporations look to hire those with military experience, as their experience is equivalent to a PhD in leadership.
  • Students do not have to attend Basic Training (“Boot Camp”) to be in ROTC. The only required training away from campus is the Leaders Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), a four-week leadership camp at Fort Lewis, Washington, during the summer between your junior and senior years of college. There you will be evaluated on leadership skills and work with ROTC cadets from across the nation.
  • Military Science can help pay for your college education. By enrolling in Military Science courses, you may become eligible for:
    • An ROTC scholarship: Full tuition and mandatory fees to pay for college
    • A monthly stipend: Freshmen $300; Sophomores $350; Juniors $450; Seniors $500
    • And a book allowance $600 a semester
  • If students wish to attend Graduate School, there are opportunities to attend graduate school at Army expense after approximately the fourth year of active service and there exists the possibility of attending graduate school immediately following graduation from Millersville University.
  • Newly-commissioned second lieutenants entering onto active duty receive:
    • Approximately $41,000 during his/her first year of service
    • Various Benefits:
      • 30 days paid vacation per year
      • Medical coverage
      • Dental and life insurance for themselves and their dependents

Alternatives to the Four Year ROTC Program

As an alternative to the four-year ROTC program, students can still earn a commission in any one of the following ways:

  • Students may receive constructive credit for the first two years of the program for having attended basic training and AIT (advanced individual training) OR students may attend a 28-day summer leadership camp (Leaders Training Course) during the summer preceding their junior year in lieu of the first two years of ROTC if they have not attended basic training or AIT.
  • Students may defer the 28-day summer leadership camp until the summer after the junior year. In this case, the student/cadet would attend LDAC (Leadership Development Assesment Course) after graduation, and then be commissioned upon completion of the 35-day ROTC Advanced Camp.
  • Students can enroll in ROTC as long as they are "full-time students, pursuing a degree". As such, students may take ROTC while in a graduate program.

For more information, contact the Millersville University Military Science Department at: (717) 872-3769 or email