Green to Gold FAQs

Green to Gold FAQs

Where do I enroll, and when?

You enroll in Army ROTC the same time you enroll in college. Army ROTC courses may be enrolled in at more than 800 colleges and universities. Army ROTC programs are actually conducted in about 270 schools. The remaining schools are those with cross-enrollment agreements. At a cross-enrolled school, you take your academic course work at the college at which you earn your degree. You do your ROTC coursework and training at a “host” institution nearby.

Can I enroll in ROTC while on active duty?

No. You must be enrolled in college full time to be a member of Army ROTC. There is no way to carry a full load of college work while on Active Duty.

Can I apply for a 4-Year Green to Gold scholarship if I already have some college credit?

Yes, as long as the college accepts you as an academic freshman and you agree to remain enrolled for four years.

If I have reenlisted, how much time must I complete on my second enlistment?

There is no minimum requirement. If you are selected for the Green to Gold program, you may be released from active duty regardless of the amount of time remaining on your second enlistment.

Can I apply for a 2 or 3 Year scholarship if I don't have the proper number of credit hours, but expect to have them prior to Fall enrollment?

Yes. You must have a letter from the school that you wish to attend stating that you are conditionally accepted as an academic junior or sophomore contingent upon completing the required number of credit hours. If you win a scholarship, you are a conditional winner pending acceptance at the school. You must provide proof of the required number of credit hours to the university and to the discharge authority showing you are fully qualified.

Can a soldier who won an ROTC scholarship and then disenrolled from the program apply for another Green to Gold scholarship?

No. Cadet Command Regulation 145-1 paragraph 9a clearly states that scholarship winners who disenroll for any reason are ineligible to recompete in any ROTC scholarship program.

Can I take terminal leave with my early discharge?

No. Terminal leave can not be taken in conjunction with early discharge in accordance with AR 600-200.

Where can I ship my household goods?

Your entitlement for shipment of household goods is back to your home of record. If the cost to ship your goods to your school of choice is more than the cost of shipping it to your home of record, then you will be responsible for the difference.

I am a veteran and know I'm not required to take the freshman and sophomore level ROTC classes. Will I have to take these courses if I receive a 3- or 4-year Scholarship?

Yes, as a scholarship winner you are a contracted cadet and must enroll in, and successfully complete, the freshman and sophomore level classes in accordance with your contract. As a 2-Year Scholarship winner or non-scholarship cadet your prior experience would meet the course requirements for the first two years.

I am in the Marines, Navy or Air Force. Can I apply for a Green to Gold Scholarship?

Members of sister services are not eligible for Green to Gold scholarships but may participate in the non-scholarship program.