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Faculty News

Dr. Ron Umble, mathematics, published three papers in academic journals during the school year. In October of 2013 he published, “Tensor products of A-infinity algebras with homotopy inner products” in “Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.” In March of this year he published “A topologically induced 2-in/2-out operation on loop cohomology” in the “Journal of Mathematic Sciences.”  And in April he published, “Computing cup products in Z2-cohomology of 3D polyhedral complexes” in “Foundations of Computational Mathematics.” (The Exchange, 4/17/14).

Dr. Alex DeCaria, earth sciences, is the author of a recently published book, “A First Course in Atmospheric Numerical Modeling,” along with co-author Glenn Van Knowe, who was a full-time, temporary faculty member at Millersville during the 2001-2002 academic year. Their book is published by Sundog Publishing and is based on a course that DeCaria developed and teaches at Millersville.

Dr. John Wallace, biology, co-authored an article with Dr. Rich Mehrenberg, elementary & early childhood education program, titled "Entomology and economics: A service learning project at Millersville University" published in the fall issue of The Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Pennsylvania. In addition, Wallace was awarded a $3,000 supplemental grant to his 2012 Black Fly Surveillance and Management on the Raritan River Grant, Hunterdon County, N.J., as well as an extension on this grant of $10,000 for 2013-14. (The Exchange, 12/5/13)

Dr. Sepi Yalda, earth sciences, was part of an invited cohort of about 10 colleagues in geosciences from across the country that was held in Washington, D.C., for Congressional Visits Day, September 17 and 18. The main focus was on the weather and climate enterprise and related funding issues. (The Exchange, 9/18/13)

The School of Science and Mathematics welcomes the following new faculty members for the 2013-2014 academic year: Dr. Steven Kennedy, chemistry; Dr. Jessica Smeltz, chemistry; and Ms. Jenny Monn, nursing.