Student Profile

Jaclyn Belew

Jaclyn Belew

Major: Occupational Safety and Environmental Health & Economics

Class Year: 2017
Hometown: Easton, PA

Additional Information


I completed my safety internship at Crayola this past summer as their Environmental Health and Safety Intern. For my economics degree, I completed two internships with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program in downtown Lancaster that allowed me to be a site coordinator and complete tax returns for local residents.

As a member of the University Honors College I am required to complete a thesis. I am currently writing my thesis in my major (occupational safety) and researching various ergonomics assessment tools. I went into a local factory and used these tools to examine the miscle ise of factory workers to see if they were at risk for developing muscle related diseases.


The inspiration behind adding an Occupational Safety major after I completed my Economics degree was that it made me more valuable in the workplace. Safety is sometimes an undervalued component of a company, meaning they have to fight towards getting money allocated for big projects or work harder to make initiatives a reality. Economics gave me a great financial background and a better understanding of how big corporations think and act. I also gravitated towards safety because I could work closely with workers in various industries to make sure they make it home safe at the end of the workday.


The safety program is unique in that each class is focused on an aspect of the industry that we will encounter in our career. From industrial hygiene classes, to safety management, and even fire protection. all of it came in handy when I was at Crayola this summer. The structure of my classes prepared me so well for my internship, and I felt comfortable in the safety environment within a couple of weeks. Working for Crayola was an extraordinary opportunity that I would not have had without the assistance of Millersville preparing me for it.


The greatest takeaway I have from my courses, internships, and research projects is that asking for help is never a bad thing. I have learned that trying new things and working outside of my comfort zone is where my biggest accomplishments will form. My internships provided me with leadership skills I never thought possible while in school. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had outside of the classroom.


The biggest piece of advice I can offer freshmen is that it is okay to not know what you want to do in the future. I came into college undeclared and confused about the career path I was meant for. I changed my major twice before finding a good fit for myself; no matter how tiring the process got, I stuck to my true passions of helping others and aiming to make a difference until I found what worked for me.


Upon graduation, my future plan is to work in the insurance field and combine my occupational safety background with my understanding of economics. Right out of college I would like to work in the safety industry to gain a few years of experience before moving forward with my career.

What has been the most significant/exciting aspect of your work?

The greatest aspect of my research work, and completing my internship, was the collaboration with professors throughout all of those experiences. The internship process can be extremely intimidating. especially when it's in such a unique position or company. I felt lucky to have guidance and support from the Millersville professors; I always knew that I could rely on them when I had questions or felt weak in an area.