SCTE Highlighted Student

Randi Warner

Randi Warner

Major: Occupational Safety and Environmental Health with a minor in Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management

Class Year: 2017
Hometown: York, PA

Additional Information


To gain experience in the field of safety and health, I am currently interning at Snyder's Lance, INC. in Hanover, PA. We make Snyder's of Hanover pretzels and many other populsr snack foods. Previously, I interned at R.H. Sheppard, Inc. foundry from May 2016 - May 2017, also located in Hanover, PA. During both of my experiences as an intern, I have gained invaluable knowledge that could not have learned in a classroom and have completed numerous safety-related projects. In addition to working as an intern this semester, I am completing an honors thesis titled "The Limitations of Ssfety Data Sheets from a Human Health Perspective". I am researching if manufacturers are routinely excluding substances from Section 3 of their Safety Data Sheets that possess an occupational exposure limit, such as an OSHA PEL or an ACGIH TLV. I am also analyzing a case study on this issue and the health effects of repeated overexposure to a hazaedous substance. Additionally, I am a member of ASSE, AIHA, NSC, and PAEP. 


I decided to pursue a major in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health because I wanted to work in a field that benefited others, as well as a growing field that also fit my personality. Safety was the perfect choice because the main goal of a safety professional is to help their fellow employees return home safe to their families at the end of the day. Safety requires knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, and physics, all areas of study where I succeed. Additionally, having a father who works in the safety field added to my interest in this career path.


Highlights from my courses include completing an ergonomic assessment at a local animal shelter for Auburn University’s 9th Annual Ergonomics Design Competition for Student Teams. Students participated in this competition in the Human Factors in OSEH course.  My team was awarded honorable mention in the competition. Another highlight was completing CERT certification which was offered in the Introduction to Emergency Management course. This training opened my eyes to how important it is to be prepared in the face of a disaster, which is important not only in safety, but in everyday life.


My advice for incoming freshman is to try to absorb as much of the information provided in class as possible. The knowledge and skills students acquire in the OSEH courses will be valuable in the field. Secondly, be fully immersed in any internship opportunity because the information learned will greatly prepare students for beyond graduation, and the relationships made with safety professionals will be vital.


My plans upon graduation include employment as a safety professional in either the food or manufacturing industry.