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Millersville will close at 2:30 p.m. today due to the winter weather. That means any classes, both on campus and off campus, scheduled to begin at or later than 2:30 are cancelled. The complete policy is available at: Policy on Snow Delays/Cancellations.  All Dining locations will remain open today with the following exceptions: Galley – Closing at 2 p.m., Cyber Café – Closing at 2:30 p.m.  Ayako’s Blue Fish, scheduled for tonight  on campus, will be rescheduled.

Undergraduate Student Research

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Undergrad Student Research

The achievements of our students reflect the quality of the programs in our seven academic departments. One of the strengths of the science and mathematics programs at Millersville is the emphasis on undergraduate research, industry co-op experiences, and internships that engage our students in research experiences around the country. Each year about 150 of our upper-level students are engaged in undergraduate research under the tutelage of a faculty member and about 20 students complete industry co-ops. Earth sciences students complete internships at TV stations, the Goddard Space Center, the National Hurricane Center, and the NOAA Environmental Research Center and computer science students have internships at NIST. For many of these students their research projects continued over several semesters and resulted in departmental and university honors in recognition of the quality of the research. Most of these projects were reported in oral presentations in departmental and university colloquia including the Millersville University Student Research Conference and the Nursing Advanced Practice Colloquium. Student researchers are recognized at the May Student Research Symposium and about 40 select poster papers are on display in the Caputo Hall lobby.

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