Leadership has and always will be a valued Greek characteristic. It is increasingly important to college students as they attempt to enter the work force. Employers desire individuals who communicate well, are organized, and inspire others.

Millersville University offers countless opportunities for leadership, many of which are available in the Greek community. Students can hold postions in individual chapters as committee members, chairs, and officers. Each of these positions allows students to develop leadership skills like delegation, goal-setting, and interacting with others on-campus. Members are also able to hold council offices, which govern their organizations. With so many avenues for leadership, students are presented with great opportunities that can have a significant impact on their future success. They continually work to positively influence the entire Millersville campus.

Why Leadership?

The answer is because it is the right thing to do. Leadership is a crucial part of both the learning process and student organizations. Employers today seek students who are balanced and well rounded and they often look at students' leadership positions during college. At Millersville, student organizations are run by student leaders.

As you become a graduate of Millersville University, you will enter society, communities, and companies that are in need of your leadership. As a student, you are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities available on campus to learn, practice, and develop your leadership skills. Some of these opportunities are in fraternities and sororities on campus. Others are available through student government, Greek councils, courses, jobs on campus, being an Orientation Leader, becoming a Resident Assistant, and so on. If you are looking for leadership opportunities, you will not have to look far. You will however, need initiative to take advantage of these opportunities. Fraternities and sororities on campus look for student leaders, create student leaders, and help develop citizens who will be leaders in the community when they leave Millersville.

You are encouraged to find ways that you can be a leader on campus and then act. It has been said that the only power on earth strong enough to keep you from succeeding, is you.

Why Leadership? Because you are a leader. Why Leadership? Because student organizations, like fraternities and sororities, are looking for people like you. Why Leadership? Because it is the right thing to do.