Panhellenic Counselors

Recruitment Counselors: A Team Approach

Recruitment counselors are effective in many ways. Guidance by an experienced fraternity woman who cares and shares her talents and service with potential new members (PNMs) is valuable and brings success to the recruitment process for PNMs and chapters. Recruitment counselors' knowledge about the recruitment process is helpful information for interested high school students and other important opportunitues. They represent the College Panhellenic member groups with objectivity, enthusiasm, and serve as resources during presentations and in meetings with individual PNMs.

Goals of the Recruitment Counselor Program

  • To provide support, informtion and guidance to women participating in recruitment events
  • To provide an objective liason between College Panhellenic and PNMs in facilitating communication
  • To clarify and explain the recruitment style used, the event schedules and the mutual selection process
  • To promote the benefits of sorority membership, and to emphasize the similarities in ideals and goals of all women's fraternities
  • To give encouragement to PNMs to continue recruitment through the preference round and to accept the maximum number of invitations possible during each round of recruitment
  • To assist in achieving the maximum number of new members possible for the College Panhellenic community at the conclusion of recruitment

Recruitment Counselors at Millersville

During Formal Recruitment at Millersville, you will be placed with a group of other potential new members and assigned a Recruitment Counselor. Each Recruitment Counselor is a member of the sorority system at Millersville and will meet with you daily during Formal Recruitment. Your Recruitment Counselor will be able to personally answer questions about Recruitment and will assist with any problems that may arise.

Your Recruitment Counselor's primary purpose is to help you experience Recruitment in the most positive way possible and to help answer any questions you may have. Your Recruitment Counselor will have no contact with any sorority during Formal Recruitment, and can be relied on to keep any problems or questions confidential.

It is important that you attend all meetings with you Recruitment Counselor, as she will have important information for you. Lastly, your Recruitment Counselor will provide a shoulder to lean on when decisions get tough and will always lend a sympathetic ear, as she was once a potential new member herself.