On-Going Leadership Programs


Emerging Leaders

Would you like to develop the skills that attract employers? Make the most of your collegiate experience? Meet new people? The Emerging Leaders Program is designed specifically for first year students at Millersville University. The mission of the program is to prepare first year students for the challenges of leadership in college and the workforce. This program is designed to help students develop their own leadership potential. No prior leadership experience is necessary.

Every individual has the capacity for leadership. This is the basic assumption of the Emerging Leaders Program. During the course of this program, you will learn to examine how your purpose in life influences your own goals and leadership. You will discover new maps for a rapidly changing world, think about the ethical responsibilities of leadership, and learn how leaders and participants mutually shape the environment of an organization or community. The overall purpose of this program is to encourage you to carefully analyze your responsibilities and commitments in the context of leadership for the common good and for purposeful change. This program is more than the study of leadership; it is designed to help you develop your own leadership potential.

Participants in the program must be first year students at Millersville University. Because of the nature of the program, participation is limited to 25 students. A quality learning experience in this leadership program rests heavily on a high degree of interaction and exchange of ideas among students and facilitators. Attendance is expected and essential to your successful completion of the program.

If you are interested in participating in the Excel Emerging Leaders Program, please send an email to leadership@millersville.edu . Students will be accepted until participation reaches 25. If you have questions or need more information please feel free to call the the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership at 872-3506 or email leadership@millersville.edu.

Collegiate Leadership Development Program

The Collegiate Leadership Development Program (CLDP) was established in 2003 by the Office of Social Equity & Diversity and the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. The program has been designed to enhance leadership opportunities by educating students of color in the process of university structure, organization and involvement. The CLDP will familiarize student leaders with key university administrators and create a better understanding and greater respect between students and the University administration. Upon completion of the program, students will provide University officials with a new reservoir of student talent available for appointment to boards, commissions, search committees, and other forms of service.

The Collegiate Leadership Development Program is held during the Spring semester. To participate in the program, you must make the commitment to attend the weekly sessions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact The Office of Social Equity & Diversity at 872-3787 and/or the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership at 872-3506.