Courses and Registration

Can I register online?

In order to register for an off-campus or online course, you need to be admitted to the University and have an MU student ID. You can apply to Millersville University as a degree student (pursing a particular undergraduate or graduate degree), a visiting student (one who is matriculated at another institution as a undergraduate or graduate student) or non-degree student (seeking coursework only, not for a degree you are currently pursuing -- although the credits you earn may be applicable if you later matriculate at Millersville or elsewhere).

Once you are admitted and have your student ID, you can register for distance learning or off-campus classes on the Millersville website, using the MU access system, MAX .For more information, please contact the Office of Distance Learning and Off-Campus Programs at +1-717-872-3742, via e-mail at profdev@millersville.edu.

How do I get books and materials?

Once you enter your course, you’ll have access to all the materials that the instructor has posted for you to read or view (lectures, video, etc). Students and professors use communication tools and chat rooms to discuss materials, assignments and questions. The Millersville University bookstore offers online ordering HERE, or you may order by telephone (+1-717-872-3267) or email. Textbooks may also be ordered online through commercial sites such as Amazon or Borders. The course guide/syllabus is located online in the classroom.

Are Distance Learning and Off-Campus classes accredited?

Millersville University, an institution of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, is fully accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and several professional accrediting bodies. Its credits and degrees are recognized and accepted by other accredited colleges, universities, and professional schools throughout the United States.

Can I transfer credits?

Yes. Credits earned at Millersville can be transferred to other institutions. But, as with any transfer of credit, please check with your local registrar to confirm what will transfer and for how many credits.

If you wish to transfer credits earned elsewhere into a degree program at Millersville, contact the appropriate admissions office (undergraduate or graduate) for information on those these may be evaluated and possibly applied to your MU course of study.

Can I get a BA online?

Not at this time. However, if you are matriculated in a baccalaureate program at Millersville or elsewhere, you may be able to take courses through our online or off-campus programs for transfer to your program.

What courses are offered?

There are hundreds of courses offered annually, from undergraduate liberal arts to graduate emergency management. Please check our course listings to see what courses are currently available at our off-campus locations and online.

The Online Classroom and Time Requirements

So what’s it like?

One of the most frequently asked questions about online learning is "What is it like?" or "how does it work?" Like any class "what it is like" can and will be answered differently by different people. It works like this: once you register, you receive account information from us before the start of classes. This "login information" will allow you to access not only your class, but other discussion areas as well, including a student lounge and a tech support are – all within the Desire2Learn. You can access and post responses in your class anytime of the day or night. In the same way an instructor presents the material and students making comments in a traditional class to build a discussion, your responses, when joined with your fellow students' and instructor's responses, form a discussion. Because the class is on the Internet, you also have the opportunity to link to other material and present images.

That is the essence of how MU Online works; but like a traditional class, the only way to get a sense of what it's like is to see one and join in. Give it a try!

If I’m studying online, how many times a week should I log in?

Although each class is different, it is strongly suggested that students log into the class a minimum of three to five times a week; this way you don’t fall behind in the class discussion. You should expect to spend as much time on distance learning courses as you would expect to spend in a live classroom – just like a face-to-face class that meets each week requires several hours of work in addition to class time, you will be spending similar amounts of time for an online course. As a rule thumb, you can expect to spend three to five hours each week for every credit you are taking.

Do I have to be there at a certain time?

It depends on the specific course and the course instructor. While some instructors required a limited number of hours that all students must be online together at a specified day and time (synchronous), other instructors do not have this requirement and all coursework is asynchronous – you don’t have to be online at the same time as your instructor and classmates. If an instructor requires synchronous interaction, the dates and times will be noted on the university web schedule so that students may prepare accordingly. If you need more detailed information about required online meeting times after viewing the web schedule, please contact the instructor before registering for the course.

I work full-time and won’t be able to log in during faculty virtual office hours. Does that mean I’m on my own?

Of course not! All you have to do is send your instructor an e-mail and she or he will respond to you. You will also be able to reach your instructor by phone, or, if you are in the Millersville area, you can schedule time to meet with faculty members in their MU offices.

Do I need a computer?

The online courses are located on the World Wide Web at www.millersville.edu. You will need to have access to the internet. Most students have access either at home through a broadband (cable or DSL) or dial-up internet service provider (ISP), or access at work. However, some students have taken classes from internet cafes and public libraries.

What type of computer system do I need?

In general, you can use any computer that will provide a graphical interface with the internet--meaning a computer with an internet connection and a graphical web browser (Firefox/Mozilla preferred). You may use either a PC or a Mac computer, though if you use a Mac we suggest you obtain the Firefox web browser as Safari works unpredictably with our course management system, D2L.

Getting Connected

I registered: what happens?

Once you have been accepted into the University, you will receive a login and password from Information Technology; this will give you access to the online classrooms. Please take some time to download the Distance Learning Student Handbook, which contains a lot more information on our systems and policies. Once you get your syllabus (or syllabi) you can order your books and other materials (see How do I get books and materials, above.)

What if I have problems?

The Millersville Helpdesk is available by telephone (+1- 717-871-2371) or email; hours vary by semester. Visit their website anytime for tech support and help with any question or problem you might have with D2L.