Welcome Center

Welcome Center

As our programs are not located on the Millersville University campus, we have this online Welcome Center, and this is the best place to find general information about online and off-campus study. Like any good Welcome Center, we have maps, a tour of our facilities and answers to the most frequently asked questions You can go to any of these sections by clicking on the link to the left and you can always return here by clicking on "Welcome Center" — no matter where you are on the site.

If you have any questions please call 717-872-3030 or email profdev@millersville.edu for assistance from a Millersville representative (8am - 5pm Eastern USA, GMT -5).

Millersville offers several types of non-traditional access to its programs. We have off-campus physical facilities in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, where you can attend classes in a familiar face-to-face environment. We offer "blended" courses, too – which involve some face-to-face time and some online study. One program – the Masters in Social Work – is offered in conjunction with Shippensburg University and utilizes video technology to enable you to take courses either on the Millersville or Shippensburg campus while benefiting from the best faculty at each campus. Finally, we offer many courses in a fully online environment (sometimes referred to generically as a "virtual learning environment" or "VLE").

One of the most frequently asked questions about online study is "What is it like?" or "How does it work?" Like any class, "what it is like" can and will be answered differently by different students and in different courses. In the VLE, you can access readings and class discussions – and post your own questions and responses – at anytime of the day or night. In the same way an instructor presents the material and students making comments in a traditional class to build a discussion, your responses, when joined with your fellow students’ and instructor’s responses, form a discussion. Because the class is on the Internet, you also have the opportunity to link to other material and present other forms of electronic media.

Online Facilities

Millersville University employs a virtual learning environment called Desire2Learn, one of the leading systems of its kind in the country. D2L is your online “classroom.” It is a password-protected Web space that Millersville instructors use to deliver and conduct online courses. Faculty and students interact with each other asynchronously (not at the same time) through threaded discussions and group collaboration spaces, and, in some cases, synchronously (at the same time) through chat rooms. Timelines, required course work (assignments and exams), expectations, and other logistical information are all provided in D2L.

Off-Campus Facilities

Millersville University offers classes at a number of sites around south eastern Pennsylvania. Not all courses are offered at all locations, and the widest selection of courses is offered at the downtown Lancaster facility (MU-Lancaster). Follow the links below to “visit” each of these locations and get directions.