Four Year Career Plan

Four Year Career Plan

Four Year Career Plan Events - Spring 2014

A semester of FOUR YEAR CAREER PLAN EVENTS to help you get noticed, get connected, and stay connected.  All students regardless of class year or level (undergraduate or graduate) are invited to participate.

Why Have A Four Year Career Plan?

When you entered Millersville University you may have had a very specific career goal in mind or you may not have even selected a major. Whichever end of the spectrum you are on, Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) can help you reach goals that will help you become a successful MU alumnus.

ELCM has prepared a roadmap for you to follow as you move through your years at MU. The Four Year Career Plan can be a straight path to graduation, graduate school or a full-time job or it can guide you around some detours to get you to the same destination - a fulfilling career.  ELCM sponsors a number of events and workshops during each semester to assist you on your journey.  Career Week takes place in the fall semester and offers a full week of activities and workshops to help you focus on your future.  During the spring semester, Four Year Career Plan Events help you get noticed, get connected, and stay connected. 

There are several strategies that will assist you in your journey to becoming a fulfilled, educated professional in a field of your choice. Some can be implemented as a natural part of being an engaged student and others that will require thought and planning on your part. As you take General Education courses and participate in University events and activities you may discover new interests and passions. Other strategies will lead you to take an active part in defining your interests, skills and abilities as you learn to make effective career decisions.

Freshman Year: Focus on your future

Sophomore Year: Explore career options

Junior Year: Discover job opportunities

Senior Year: Succeed in the workplace or grad school