Millersville University will open at 10 a.m. 3/22

Due to Winter Storm Toby and the heavy snowfall, Millersville University will open at 10 a.m. on March 22. The grounds crew has been working hard to clear roads, parking lots and sidewalks, but needs some extra time in the morning to make sure walkways are clear.

Policy on Snow Delays/Cancellations



What is it? FOCUS-2 is a self-paced, career guidance tool that can assist you in choosing an academic major or career. The online assessments help you decide on career goals and action plans by increasing your awareness of your talents, interests, values, personality and potential for success in certain career fields.

How long does it take? The FOCUS-2 assessments will take about 60-90 minutes to complete. You do not have to complete it all at one time. 

How do I register?  You may self-register for FOCUS-2

  • Access Code PETAL. 
  • You must use your Millersville University email when self-registering
  • Create your username and password and save it for future use.
  • CLICK HERE to self-register for FOCUS-2.

What happens when I am finished? After completing FOCUS-2, you will receive a great deal of information about yourself and about potential majors and careers.  Some of the information may seem a little confusing or overwhelming to figure out. The best way to understand your results is to meet with a career counselor, who will help you in interpret the information. During the meeting you will have a chance to discuss your results and develop an action plan to help you achieve your academic and career goals. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your results, by calling 871-7655 or visiting Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) in the Bedford House. 

Existing users
: Can access their FOCUS-2 account to review and update their customized FOCUS-2 Career Portfolio by clicking HERE.