Faculty is an integral part of the services ELCM provides to students. The Four Year Career PlanCareer Services and Internships offer support for faculty advising as students matriculate through the University. Volunteer Central offers community resources for service-learning and civic engagement. 

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Faculty's Role with Internships

Faculty members are key partners in the internship program – as faculty internships supervisors, as departmental co-op coordinators, and as overall proponents of academic internships.  Your support directly contributes to the success of the internship program here at MU.  When you recommend internships to your students, they listen.

Each academic department coordinates its interns under the direction of an appointed faculty co-op/internship coordinator. This person is responsible for approving students to seek internships, approving new jobs targeted to students in their department, and assigning faculty supervisors, as well as problem-solving, communicating, monitoring, record-keeping, advising and more. Please click here to view a list of faculty co-op/internship coordinators for each academic department.

Every student’s internship is supervised by a faculty member in that student’s academic department. Effective supervision is an important key to a student’s internship success—both academically and professionally.

If you are a departmental faculty co-op/internship coordinator or chairperson, or if you are supervising an intern, you will requirements, guidelines and recommendations here.

The best way to get to know the internship program is to look at the information we provide to our students, and require they know. Even if you’ve been supervising interns for years, it’s worth checking out what we’re sharing with and requiring of our students.

Online Orientation. The first, required step for every student interested in an internship.

Visit the Internship Office's website for more information about the process of finding an internship, the academic requirements, and links for résumés, follow-up call suggestions, and more.

Faculty and Career Services

Career Services offers a variety of workshops designed to help students make decisions about their careers and majors; market themselves to employers; and steps to consider when considering graduate school. We would welcome the opportunity to develop a specialized program for one of your classes or campus organizations you advise.  Contact us at 717-872-3774 to request a program.

Faculty Guidelines When Working with Employers

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has created the following guidelines to assist faculty when employers ask for student referrals and/or students ask for letters of recommendation.


Faculty and Volunteer Central