Summer Intern Photo Contest

ELCM Summer Academic Internship Photo Contest

Experiential Learning and Career Management is hosting a photo contest open to all students participating in summer internships.  Share your internship experience! We are looking for meaningful testimonials from students to promote internships to other MU students.  Submit your photo and description and have a chance to win a padfolio and an.... "Instax/Polaroid" camera valued at $50-$60!!!!! We will select TWO winners from your submissions.  DEADLINE is NEXT FRIDAY, August 5, 2016.



Winners of the 2015 ELCM Summer Academic Internship Photo Contest

This year ELCM had a great pool of candidates and four students were selected as recipients of the summer photo contest.  Thank YOU to all that submitted photos.

Nicole Sundo, Senior, Chemistry, environmental chemistry option, interned with the Brandywine Valley Association.


"I had one of the best times of my life this summer participating in an internship. It was awesome and an experience that Ill never forget. I worked at Brandywine Valley Association as an Environmental Educator Intern. My job responsibilities varied from helping with their summer camp to leading canoeing, kayaking, or tubing trips down the Brandywine River. This was one of the many perks of working for this organization. I got to spend at least one day a week leading these water trips with fun campers! Another perk was being able to see so much wildlife on their property which is over 300 acres. The wildlife ranged from baby Barred Owls to salamanders. I was able to apply my knowledge from school to succeed and grow in this field. With over 500 hours of interning I learned more then I ever expected. An internship is something that can not be replaced. It helps build connections and be hands on in a field of your major. This experience will last a lifetime!"

Christian Copeland, Senior, Speech Communications, interned with Excentia.


"People with developmental needs are unique individuals with the same thoughts, desires, and dreams as anyone else. To make their thoughts, desires, and dreams come true it is perhaps consequential to become individuals who graciously give to those in need. My experience at my internship gave me the ability to understand the purpose of Excentia and the situations I will encounter in the workfield. I learned how to fundraise, write press releases, create pamphlets, and gain a sense of professionalism. My experience at Excentia was awesome because I left with expertise that is imperative to my occupational success.

As a communications major, I received the opportunity to develop skills in marketing and development at Excentia’s non-profit organization for people with intellectual disabilities. I did not have a salary but the experience outweighed the pay. I met board directors of human resources, entrepreneurs, and donors who are associated with Excentia. I received a job offer attending a golf tournament organized by my internship. It was amazing to see how important networking is when working for a prosperous and mission driven organization. The special perks about interning at Excentia are receiving a spacious office, generous people, and an overall great working environment.

I would recommend this internship to other MU students because you learn the important values of being an efficient communicator. Being able to establish techniques concerning your organization skills, rhetoric skills and articulation is an important attribute Excentia grant you with. I truly believe that this internship is a once in a life time chance that will help you with professionalism when conducting business with other companies. I’ve met Senators and Representatives such as Ryan Aument and Brett Miller who are an important part of how legislation gives funding to non-profit organizations. This opportunity was priceless!"

Entry Rules/Eligibility

  • Students must be currently enrolled as a Millersville University student when submitting an entry.
  • Your academic internship must have occurred and was registered for credits between May 9, 2016, and August 12, 2016.
  • Be mindful of the specific policies and privacy laws of your workplace and industry. Our expectation is that MU students abide by all worksite rules for professional conduct in their respective industries/careers. If you have questions about confidentiality or proprietary matters, please check with your employer supervisor before emailing photos to the contest.
  • Get creative. We are looking for a picture of you that captures a great internship moment, whether it is a shot of you on the production line with your site supervisor, company president, assisting/presenting or preparing for an organizational event, the photograph is meant to be representative of something you have done or are doing so have fun with it.  Students may submit up to three photographs.
  • Please also adhere to the following guidelines:  Photos must be submitted in JPEG format, with a resolution of at least 2400 x 1600.  Please do not download photographs from Facebook or other social media sites since they are usually compressed.  Save your photos in the following format: FirstName_LastName_ImageTitle
  • Write a description of 300 words or less and an interesting caption as well. Explain in your best writing style why your experience is awesome. Explain the benefits of your internship (experience, salary, job offers, special perks, networking, etc.), and why you would recommend an internship to other MU students.  The description is part of the entry and will be judged.  ELCM retains the right to edit entries for proper grammar and spelling.


How the Competition Works

Submit up to three photographs in electronic format by emailing them to:

List in subject line:  Photo contest, your last name and internship organization.  In the email message, include the following information: Your full name, academic major, class level, internship company and cell phone number. 

By entering this contest, you grant Millersville University the right to publish, use, reproduce and/or publicly display your photographs and written testimonial on MU’s website, social networking sites, and in any of its publications.