Where Do Marauders Intern?

Where Do Marauders Intern?

Locally, regionally and internationally!!!

More departments and details COMING SOON!!!

Art Internship Video

 Biology:  http://www.millersville.edu/biology/career-possibilities.php

Biol Haines

Dr. Aaron Haines, Certified Wildlife Biologist and Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology (center) with Halie Parker '17, Biology-Environmental Biology option who interned with PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources-Bureau of Forestry (left) and Anthony Kessler '16, Biology-Environmental Biology option who interned with the Pennsylvania Game Commission both Summer 2016.  These internships are available through the Commonwealth Public Internship Program.  AND they are available in many areas for most all Millersville University major programs.  Application DEADLINE for Spring and Summer is NOVEMBER 1, 2016.  Click HERE for more details and for the application process.

Business Administration

Morgan Speakman 2015

Morgan Speakman May '17, Business Administration-Marketing option, interned with the City of Lancaster Office of Promotion (LOOP) in the summer of 2015.

Internships are encouraged, but are not required for business majors; however, they provide an excellent and interactive learning experience. Students can earn academic credit as well as a salary while gaining valuable business knowledge. Internships are offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions.

Communication & Theatre


Alexandria Chiavetta May '15, Speech Communication-Public Relations option interned with Clear Channel Media & Entertainment (Radio 104.5) in the summer of 2014.

In addition to student organizations, the Department of Communication and Theatre takes special pride in the opportunities that are afforded students to pursue educational activities beyond the classroom that extend their academic education. Many students participate in internship or cooperative education programs through the university. These students are placed in paid or unpaid practical work situations in business, political, nonprofit, and professional organizations locally, around the country, or even overseas. Our students have worked with area community theatres, the Fulton Opera House (a historic theatre in downtown Lancaster), local and regional radio, television, and cable stations, nonprofit organizations, and large corporations. Students report that internship and co-op experiences have helped them to successfully enter the workforce after graduation.


Sarah K-Geog

Sarah Kownacki May '16, Geography, Environmental Studies option interned with the Keystone Trails Association Summer 2016.

Co-ops and internships are intended to give students a real-world work experience in a area related to geography. Geography students have completed co-ops and internships with a wide variety of government agencies and private companies. Students should plan their internships for late in the junior year or in the senior year. A student should start looking for an internship at least a year prior to the intended start date, because some government agencies require an application that far in advance.

During the internship, students are off campus approximately 15 hours per week. Students often find that internships are most successful when remaining classes are scheduled for MWF or TTh. However, the timing of internships may be very flexible. See the list of past and current co-ops and internships in which MU geography students have gained valuable experience. If you would like to talk to a fellow student about their experience, contact your advisor, or any geography professor, and we will try to arrange it.

Sociology/Criminology & Anthropology

Evan Rubin

Evan Rubin May '15, Sociology-Criminology option interned with the Lancaster County Juvenile Probation in the summer 2014

There are a variety of opportunities available for Sociology and Anthropology students to gain hands-on experience in the field. Click HERE for a list of internship opportunities.  ***Interested in an internship? Complete the online orientation, then contact Dr. Mary Glazier for approval.***  Department policies regarding internships can be found here.