Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Alexa Kramer

"This summer I am doing an internship at the Schuylkill Conservation District in Pottsville, PA. Schuylkill County has a lot of abandoned mine sites, and one of the main tasks of the Conservation District is to put in treatment systems at the mine sites in order to raise the pH of the water and eliminate the iron and aluminum found in the water, as well as doing routine water tests to make sure the systems are working. This internship relates to my career goals in that I would really like a job that allows me to be outside working and be hands-on. So far, this internship is exactly that. Through this internship, I hope to narrow my focus on potential jobs that really interest me, and to also gain a lot of real life experience in the field so I know what to expect at a future job."

Alexa Kramer, Pine Grove, PA

Environmental Biology Major

Intern, Schuylkill Conservation District

Summer 2013