Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

What Do Students Say?

Over 40% of Millersville University students who completed an academic internship received an employment offer following the completion of the experience! Additionally, 98% of interns would recommend an academic internship to other students.

"The real life experience made my time in the classroom more meaningful. The best part of the experience was that it opened the door to a full time job. I am thrilled to have started working full-time at my internship site immediately following graduation. Without the internship program, I would not have felt adequately prepared to enter the work force. I am grateful to Millersville for providing the internship program and for the enriched educational experience the program offers." -Kristen Straley, 2012

"Take advantage of internships!  I did three when I was a student, and they were all fantastic.  They were at radio stations where I got to learn how to use equipment and meet people who I would later work with after graduation.  Persistence is the real key, no matter what field you are working in.  Never be afraid to put yourself out there and pester people!  The more people you meet when you're in school, the more success you're probably going to have later in life." -Nipsey; The People's DJ, 1995

Student Profiles

Read about students' internship experiences here!

Jean Casimir (SPCM Spring Intern at the 2014 Winter Olympics Games in Sochi, Russia)

Rachel Coulter (Starbrad Excellence in Science Intern Award Recipient-Summer 2013; Meteorology)

Meta Griffin (Susquehanna Bank Nonprofit Award Recipient - Summer 2013; Environmental Biology)

Jeffrey Grey (Susquehanna Bank Nonprofit Award Recipient - Summer 2013; Music Business & Technology)

Alexa Kramer (Susquehanna Bank Nonprofit Award Recipient - Summer 2013; Environmental Biology)

Jennifer Teson (Susquehanna Bank Nonprofit Award Recipient - Summer 2013; Environmental Biology)

Allison Richard (Feb'13 Intern of the Month)

Jennifer Hoppe (Dec '12 Intern of the Month)

Hector Santana (Nov '12 Intern of the Month)

Amanda Conroy (Oct '12 Intern of the Month)

Chris O'Keefe (Sept '12 Intern of the Month)

Jess Ames

Bianca Gatto

Jennifer Hess