Summer Photo Contest

ELCM Summer Photo Contest

Experiential Learning and Career Management hosts a photo contest and it is open to summer employment experience as an intern, trainee, or part-time summer employee!.  Share your experiences and have a chance to win a COOL prize!  We are looking for meaningful testimonials from students to promote our programs and services with the Millersville University community.  Submit your photo and description by FRIDAY, August 10, 2018.  The awesome prize will be determined sometime towards the end of the spring semester.


Winners of the 2017 ELCM Summer Photo Contest

This year ELCM had a wonderful pool of candidates and two students were selected as recipients of the summer photo contest.  Thank YOU to all that submitted photos.


"Interning with Anderson Audio has been one of the best decisions I have made so far during my time at Millersville.  One great thing about it is that I am not treated like an intern and treated more like an actual employee of the company.  They have also allowed me to partake in amazing experiences such as going to Illinois for a music festival where I got to work for artists such as Jake Owen and Trace Adkins.  The day this picture was taken I had the pleasure of working for Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar.      

The amount of hands-on and real world experience I have gained working with Anderson is irreplaceable.  I have done roughly 2 shows out in the field a week (sometimes more) over the course of the summer and I have gained so much knowledge from the team at Anderson about how to be a professional sound engineer.  I have also networked with a very large number of different people as about half of the people that work for Anderson are freelance audio engineers.  Without these opportunities that my internship has brought me, I would be further behind in my career than I would be otherwise, and for that reason I highly recommend doing an internship like this for future Millersville students as it will greatly advance your career.

For the future, I have been hired on as a freelance audio engineer for Anderson and I will work as an on-call basis and this will hopefully lead to more work for myself in the future."

Andrew Black, Senior, Music Business Technology, interned with Anderson Audio.


"My internship experience at Volvo/Mack Trucks not only exceeded my own expectations, it also trumped all of my previous work experience in terms of compensation, flexibility, and even entertainment.  This was my second internship in finance, and despite my previous experience, I never could’ve guessed the amount of enjoyment and personal gain I've received from this internship.  Not only was I able to work alongside extremely competent individuals with years of experience, but I was also able to learn from them.  Some were even from other countries, giving me the opportunity to learn about aspects of international business. 

I was also fortunate enough to be offered a co-op position by the company, which will extend my employment to my graduation in December, at which point I may be offered a full time position.  Simply working for compensation is one thing, but actually enjoying the work you do and excelling at it, while also receiving compensation for it is an entirely different and gratifying experience.  Having the opportunity to intern at this company has afforded me all of these things, and in my eyes, it has more than validated the career path I started down when I chose to become an accounting major."

Jordan Nolte, Senior, Business Administration, Accounting major, interned with Volvo Group Trucks.

Entry Rules/Eligibility

  • Students must be currently enrolled as a Millersville University student when submitting an entry.
  • Your academic internship was registered for credits, or your volunteer assignment or part-time/full-time job must have occurred between May 14, 2018, and August 24, 2018.
  • Be mindful of the specific policies and privacy laws of your workplace and industry. Our expectation is that MU students abide by all worksite rules for professional conduct in their respective industries/careers. If you have questions about confidentiality or proprietary matters, please check with your employer supervisor before emailing photos to the contest.
  • Get creative. We are looking for a picture of you that captures a wonderful experiential learning moment, whether it is a shot of you on the production line with your site supervisor, company president, assisting/presenting or preparing for an organizational event, the photograph is meant to be representative of something you have done or are doing so have fun with it.  Students may submit up to three photographs.
  • Please also adhere to the following guidelines:  Photos must be submitted in JPEG format, with a resolution of at least 2400 x 1600.  Please do not download photographs from Facebook or other social media sites since they are usually compressed.  Save your photos in the following format: FirstName_LastName_ImageTitle
  • Write a description of 300 words or less and an interesting caption as well. Explain in your best writing style why your experience is awesome. Explain the benefits of your internship/volunteer/job (experience, salary, job offers, special perks, networking, etc.), and why you would recommend an internship or volunteering or the job to other MU students.  The description is part of the entry and will be judged.  ELCM retains the right to edit entries for proper grammar and spelling.


How the Competition Works

Submit up to three photographs in electronic format by emailing them to: 

List in subject line:  Photo contest, your last name and the company/agency/non-profit organization. 

In the email message, include the following information: Your full name, academic major, class level, your cell phone number and your written description of your amazing experience. 

By entering this contest, you grant Millersville University the right to publish, use, reproduce and/or publicly display your photographs and written testimonial on MU’s website, social networking sites, and in any of its publications.