Scholarships are financial aid that you don’t have to pay back. Scholarships can come from many places including your state government, private organizations like churches or local clubs, and colleges. Sometimes scholarships are based on academic or athletic talent. Other times scholarships may be based on your interest in a specific subject or career. It’s important to remember that many scholarships include a separate application process outside both the regular application process to college and the financial aid application process. 

For more detailed information about scholarships and your eligibility, please click on the following links to learn more.

Admissions Scholarships:

    • Scholarships offered through the Admissions Office to incoming freshman
    • Recipients are selected based on their academic performance
    • No Application is required
    • Students who qualify for Admissions Scholarships are placed in a pool and will be selected from that pool based on their qualifications

Millersville University Scholarships:

    • Scholarships awarded to returning students 
    • Application is required
    • Preference will be given to students who have fulfilled credit requirements at Millersville University
    • If a scholarship refers to credits earned, it is referring to the number of credits earned as of the completion of the fall semester

Millersville University Foundation Scholarship Databases:

    • Scholarships awarded to returning students
    • The process varies for each individual scholarship
    • The majority of scholarships listed do not require an application and all eligible students are automatically considered
    • There are some physical applications that can be found under Millersville University Scholarships and individual department websites

National Scholarship Databases:

    • Scholarship databases available to assist student in finding private sector scholarships
    • Students need to notify the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounts if they are awarded an outside scholarship

Scholarship Tips and Scams:

    • Receive tips on searching and applying for scholarships
    • Learn to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent organizations
    • How to protect yourself from scholarship scams; and what to do if you are scammed

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