Information for Current Housing Staff

Information for Current Housing Staff

Bag of Tricks

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Resident Assistant Paperwork

The following are a list of forms that you may use during the year.  You can click on each form and print a copy if needed.

Confidentiality Agreement                                                                    

Duty Switch Form                                                                               

Equipment Sign-Out Sheet                                                                   

HARP RA Weekly Report Form                           

Key Out Tags                                                      

Key Sign-Out Sheet                                            

Leave Request Form                                            

Mail Log Sheet                                                                                

Mail Notification Slips

Meningitis Waiver Form

Overnight Guest Log

Petty Cash Reighard and Shenks

Petty Cash South Quad Suites

Petty Cash Traditional

RA Duty Log

Resident Lockout Form

Roomate Agreement Form

Student Accident Report Form

Work Order Request Form