Living-Learning Communities

Disaster Resilient Community

Location of the community - South Village Suites

This exciting community offers students the opportunity to learn the basics of emergency and disaster preparedness while utilizing these skills to assist with the Federal Government’s Whole Community program which promotes neighbors helping neighbors.  Participating students will not only learn these skills in active classroom learning but also have the opportunity to apply knowledge and experience through various events, programs and activities on campus and in the local community.  The students will also apply these skills to assist the campus and local community with disaster preparedness.  Students will enroll in FEMA Independent Study courses 100 and 200 which can be taken online and/or will be taught in the Great Room of South Village suites.  This community will be limited to 25 students who will be assigned to the same floors within the South Village suites.  Interested students are requested to send an email to; include your name and Millersville ID#, stating your interest in the Disaster Resilient Community.

Honors Housing

The University Honors College provides challenging and enriching educational experiences for Millersville University's most talented and motivated students. Above all, the program emphasizes academic achievement, learning and discourse. Honors Housing in Reighard Hall is an option that may be selected by Honors College students who wish to live in a unique living-learning environment together. Special programs are offered in the hall in conjunction with Honors College activities and are designed to integrate the living-learning experience beyond the classroom.

For more information about the University Honors College, please contact Dr. Dennis Downey at 717-872-3571 or visit their website.

Social Justice Community

Location of community - South Village Suites

Available for first year students only

Social justice is the idea that all members of society, most especially those least advantaged, should have equal access to opportunity. Social justice advocates work for fairness in communities by first recognizing and challenging injustice and then establishing and ensuring basic individual and community rights. Students engaged in the Social Justice Living-Learning Community will examine and respond to social problems in the local community by listening to diverse voices, critically examining relevant issues, and engaging with community partners to formulate a reasoned, compassionate, and personal response to develop a more just and inclusive society. The Social Justice learning community participants will be assigned to the South Villages and will select from one of three social justice related courses. This community is limited to new, incoming students.  .  Interested students are requested to send an email to; include your name and Millersville ID#, stating your interest in the Social Justice Community. 

Sustainability Community

Location of community - South Village Suites

Would you like to explore the concepts of sustainability? Join this community.  Students will examine the critical components of sustainable living individually, locally, and regionally through unique academic experiences both in and out of the classroom.  Students will enroll in Geography 202 course: Resources and the Environment, taught in the Great Room of the South Village suites. In addition, students will engage in a variety of activities and programs outside of class to increase their understanding of sustainable issues.  Interested students are requested to send an email to; include your name and Millersville ID#, stating your interest in the Sustainability Community.