Annual Fire Safety Report

Annual Fire Safety Report

Annual Fire Safety Report - Fire Log

The Millersville University Fire Log or  Annual Fire Safety Report is a chronological listing of all fires that were reported in a campus resident life building from 2007 to the present. This Fire Log tracks all reportable fires that meet the Clery definition of a "fire". 

The Millersville University 2013 Annual Fire Safety Report (Clery Act Year 2014)

The Millersville University 2014 Annual Fire Safety Report (Clery Act Year 2015)

The Millersville University 2015 Annual Fire Safety Report (Clery Act Year 2016)

Fire Safety Systems

Please click on any of the following Millersville University or Student Loding Inc. on-campus student housing facilities for a detailed description of the fire safety systems for each building.

Bard Hall Brookwood Court Apts College View Apts East Villages Gilbert Hall Reighard Hall Shenks  Hall South Villages Wellness Apts West Villages 

Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

Click here for a statement of the procedures Millersville University will use to notify campus constituents in the event of a significant emergency, or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or employees.    

Annual Clery Act Report

The Millersville University Police Department publishes the annual Clery Act report.  

Fire Safety Policies and Rules

Fire safety provisions of the Millersville University Student Code of Conduct can be found here.

Fire safety provisions of the Student Lodging Inc. Code of Conduct can be found here.

Fire evacuation procedures can be found here.

Fire evacuation procedures for those with disabilities can be found here.

Fire Drills

Practice fire drills are conducted four times per year for each Millersville University or Student Lodging Inc. on-campus student housing facility. Two fire drills are performed at the start of each semester (fall and spring). Practice fire drills are performed to ensure fire safety systems are functioning properly, and to educate students and staff how to safely evacuate a building in case of a fire or emergency.  To schedule a fire drill contact Jonathon Driscoll at 872-5111, or Patrick Weidinger at 872-3715,

Fire Safety Education and Training

The Environmental Health & Safety office offers fire safety education and training programs such as fire safety awareness and fire extinguisher training. Training and education programs are offered to all university departments and units. To schedule fire safety training or education, please contact Jonathon Driscol at 717-871-5111,, or Patrick Weidinger at 717-872-3715,

Fire Procedures

The procedures students and employees should follow in case of a fire can be found here.

Reporting a Fire

Any student, faculty, staff or visitor who wishes to report a fire for an on-campus student housing facility may do so to the following contacts:

For any on-campus student housing facility:

Dial 911 or 3-911

Millersville Borough Fire Department - 717-872-9345

For Bard Hall, Burrowes Hall, Diehn Hall, Gaige Hall, Gilbert Hall, Harbold Hall, Hobbs Hall, Hull Hall, or Lenhardt Hall:

Sharon Knerr
Area Coordinator
Housing & Residential Programs

Alison Sehl
Area Coordinator
Housing & Residential Programs

Cleo Blackston
Associate Director
Housing & Residential Programs

Tom Richardson
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Director Housing & Residential Programs

Jonathon Driscoll
Safety Inspector
Human Resources - Environmental Health & Safety

Patrick Weidinger
Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Human Resources - Environmental Health & Safety

University Police
Millersville University
911 or 3-911

Facilities Management
Millersville University
717-872-3275 or 717-872-3282 

For Brookwood Court Apartments, College View Apartments, Reichard Hall, Shenks Hall, or Wellness Apartments:

Beth Peirson
Manager, Brookwood Court Apartments
Student Services

Sandy Robertson
Housing Director, Reighard Hall and Shenks Hall
Student Services

Jon Eckroat
Complex Manager - Brookwood Apartments
Student Services

Geoff Beers
Chief Operating Officer
Student Services

Millersville Borough Police
717- 872-4657 

Blue Rock Fire Department