State Employees' Combined Appeal

Provide Crucial Services to People in Need


Millersville is again joining the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education in participating in the Commonwealth’s State Employees’ Combined Appeal (SECA) Campaign.

This year our goal is $24,000 to support the important work of many agencies. By pledging $2 or more per pay period – each of us can make a significant difference in our larger community.

Each donation to SECA provides much-needed support to local, national and international human service agencies. Employees may choose which agency (or agencies) they wish to fund.

Making a donation is simple through payroll deductions, which would begin in January 2013, or by check or money order. Return a completed pledge form to the Office of Human Resources. For more information: contact Deb Pizzola, human resources, at or 717-872-3017.

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Letter from Dr. McNairy


In these difficult economic times, most of us know at least one person or family who has benefited from the crucial services provided through local and national service agencies.  Maybe you know someone whose home was constructed by a Habitat team.  Maybe you know special-needs children who received care from Schreiber Pediatric Rehab or the S. June Smith centers.  Maybe you know someone who has sheltered at Clare House.  Maybe you know a family helped by the Red Cross when their home burned.  Maybe you know someone who has received end-of-life care through Hospice.  Every day, hundreds of people are supported by service agencies which struggle to make their resources stretch to meet individual and family needs. 

Each of us has the opportunity provide much needed support to these service agencies. 

As you know, Millersville University is participating in the State Employees’ Combined Appeal (SECA) Campaign.  Your donations to this worthwhile cause enable us to pool our resources and meaningfully impact the quality of life for our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow countians and even beyond our local region. 

This year our Millersville goal is $24,000.  I plan to make a donation to SECA and would encourage you do to so also.  You may choose to designate your gift to a specific participating agency or agencies.   By pledging $2 or more per pay period each of us can make a significant difference in our larger community.

So why not fill out the paperwork today?

Thank you. 

Francine G. McNairy


Donor Quotes

  • Amie Miller
    I give because the benefits of blessings are multiplied though sharing.
    -Amie Miller, Chemistry
  • Dawn Reese
    I give because I have received.
    -Dawn Reese, Budget
  • Carol Reichler
    I give because there are many less fortunate in great need. We live in a community that fosters "of the community" and giving back to the community that has provided me and my family great resources is an extension of human kindness.
    -Carol Reichler, Advancement
  • Pat Weidinger
    I give because I believe if everyone donates just a small amount each year then these organizations will have the full funding the need to help others in our community. It's like giving to your local fire or ambulance association. If everyone gives, a small amount from each of us is all these organizations need. And everyone benefits as a result.
    -Pat Weidinger, Human Resources
  • Denise Weidman
    I give because years ago my brother-in-law, who served in Viet Nam, was diagnosed with Agent Orange. An organization in Lancaster City known as The Arch Street Center was available for him to become a part of something where he felt connected at the time. If he could make such a sacrifice for my freedoms, giving up the equivalent of a cup of coffee or two every week from my lifestyle to help others is not too much of a sacrifice for me.
    -Denise Weidman, Development