Program Review Packet Contents


The attached materials include:

Attachment 1:     Board of Governor’s Program Review Policy 1986-04-A

Attachment 2:     Administrative Procedure for policy 1986-04-A

Attachment 3:     Data Analysis for Program Review of Academic Programs (Update)

Attachment 4:     Program Review Process Timeline (Update)

Attachment 5:     Program Review Process Flowchart

Attachment 6:     Standard Format for Program Review Report (Update)

Attachment 7:     Program Review Questions for Academic Areas: Required and Selected

Attachment 8:     Chancellor’s Program Review Summary Form Instructions (Update)

Attachment 9:     Chancellor’s Program Review Summary Form

Please note that Millersville University’s MSWord version of this Summary Form is available for internal development at

until the on-line version is available at the PASSHE web site.

Attachment 10:    Role of the External Reviewer

Attachment 11:    Template for Strategic Plan and Action Plan

This format is intended to provide the basis for a complete review of academic departments and interdisciplinary programs.  For view the departmental data packets for 2011-12 and the historical archive click here.

B. Program Review Format

The program review format is available in Attachment 7.

C. Timeline

It normally will take six (6) to eighteen (18) months to complete the program review process (Attachment 4 and Attachment 5).

D. Audience

A unit’s self-study, strategic plan and action plan are also important components for reports submitted to the Middle States Association and other professional accreditation groups (Attachment 6).  In addition to the final approval of the program reviews by the Dean/Vice President, Provost and President, the Board of Governors requires a three-page summary of each program review to be completed (Attachment 8 and Attachment 9).  All non-administrative program reviews must complete the State System Summary Form (use the MSWord version until the on-line form is available at the PASSHE web site – Attachment 9).

E. Budget

A limit of $1,500 per review has been established for hiring external reviewers, printing and postage costs, and some miscellaneous expenses. If expenses exceed $1,500, academic departments/units are expected to cover these costs from their operating budgets.