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WEAVEonline® List of Resources

For each goal, this template aligns the intended outcomes, measureable criteria, and data source/results, prior to entering the information into WEAVEOnline®. The template includes descriptions for each stage of the annual report process. Users can refer to this template to ensure that their information is entered correctly into WEAVEOnline®.

This document shows the five basic steps to enter findings in WEAVEOnline®, (1) finding the measure, (2) adding or editing the measure, (3) typing or editing the information, (4) selecting the achievement target status, and (5) saving the findings. This document is useful for those users updating findings for the 2013-14 Annual Report in WEAVEOnline®.

The following two resources are password-protected in accordance with the terms of the licensing agreement between Millersville University and WEAVEOnline® regarding training materials.  Please contact Planning, Assessment, & Analysis at 871-2390 to request the password to these resources.