Program Review

General Information

As you will see in the linked guidelines, there are four types of program review:

  1. Academic Departments   - Such as Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology, Business Administration, and Biology.
  2. Interdisciplinary Programs - Such as African-American Studies.
  3. Academic-Support and Student-Support Units - Such as the Registrar and Financial Aid Office.
  4. Administrative Units - Such as Police and Budget.

Types 1 and 2 will use the " Academic Program Review Guidelines ". The MSWord® version of the " Chancellor's Office Summary Form " can be used for internal drafts. Types 3 and 4 both use the " Program Review Guidelines for Academic- and Student-Support Units ". The corresponding " Chancellor's Office Summary Form " for this type of review is also available. The web-based submission of the Chancellor's Office Summary Form will be available in the future, and a link will be posted below. All program reviews are required to submit the summary form, via hard-copy until such time as the on-line version is available, except for Administrative Units. While Administrative Units must complete the Summary Form, they should not submit it to the Chancellor's Office.

A program review schedule is below for your reference and planning. We hope you find these documents to be useful resources. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any suggestions for improvement.

Kyle W. Verbosh
Director of Institutional Research 

Program Review Documents

Academic Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs

Academic-Support, Student-Support and Administrative Units

Schedule - Academic Programs and Support Units

Program Review Data Packet Archive

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Program Review Data Packet Archive