Strategic Planning

University Planning Council Function & Responsibilities

The primary function of the University Planning Council is to provide overall coordination and synthesis of the University's planning activities and to advise the President on related matters.

Initial responsibilities:

  1. Develop a proposed final visioning document that articulates the University's guiding vision statements, based on
    • responses collected in campus workshops and focus groups,
    • responses from the University to the visioning principles identified during the 2004-2005 campus workshops, and
    • analysis and discussion among members of the University Planning Council.
    The final document will identify the broad institutional themes that will form the primary emphases for the University. The document will be proposed to the President and will be reviewed by the Executive Cabinet and the Council of Trustees.
  2. After approval of the final visioning document, identify the outcome(s) associated with each institutional theme and articulate key performance indicators for each outcome. The proposed outcomes and key performance indicators should be consistent with and incorporate existing Division-level plans wherever possible. It is expected that these newly-defined outcomes and key performance indicators will support and be consistent with Millersville's response to the PASSHE System Accountability Plan and System Strategic Plan.
  3. Provide appropriate opportunities to the campus community and key stakeholders to offer input and feedback regarding the outcomes and key performance indicators.