Strategic Planning Working Groups

Working Groups

The six Goal Theme Working Groups are charged to propose one or two overarching goal statements and use an inquiry-based approach to recommend critical, prioritized strategies to the Steering Committee.   Working groups will submit their final reports by December 6, 2013 to the Steering Committee.  Click on the links below to learn more about each working group, their members and notes from recent meetings.

The Values working group is identifying core values to include in the Strategic Plan.  The values will guide how we conduct our work to achieve our goals, fulfill our mission and aspire to our vision.

Advisor Advisor Advisor
Dr. Laurie Hanich
Dr. Victor DeSantis Dr. Lisa Shibley
Working Group List Working Group List Working Group List
Core Values Destination University Environmental Steward
Learner-Focused National Recognition Long-Term Sustainability
Organizational Agility