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Getting Started with Mentoring

Who are Mentees?

Mentees are students who want to learn from another's more seasoned perspective. Mentees are curious about the world outside their own experience and are motivated to reach their full potential. Good mentees understand that the more they give to the mentoring relationship, the more they will benefit in the end.

Click here if you are an MU student interested in being a mentee.

Who are Mentors?

Mentors are MU students, faculty/staff, Millersville alumni, and professionals from the local community. Mentors are caring individuals who are always interested in learning, and although they have more experience than their mentee, they do not consider themselves "experts."  Good mentors find they learn more from their mentee than the other way around and are better at asking questions than providing answers. They understand the value in mentoring because they've either had a mentor themselves or wish they'd had more mentors earlier in life, and they find connecting with and getting to know their mentee is an extremely rewarding way to "pay it forward."

Click here if you are an MU student interested in being a mentor.

Click here if you are a faculty/staff member, MU Alum, or local professional interested in being a mentor.

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