President's Report 2010

A Message from President Francine G. McNairy

One of the greatest pleasures of being president of a quality institution is the opportunity to report its progress and accomplishments. Without question, Millersville is a strong and high-performing university. I am proud that Millersville demonstrates openness to creativity, a desire to dream, the courage to pursue those dreams, and a disdain for walls that would limit our possibilities.

One of the highlights of this year was the purchase of the 42 North Prince Street facility in Lancaster City. Millersville University-Lancaster is more than a physical site. It is a bold vision. It inspires and empowers us to think more broadly and deeply about our educational mission in partnership with the larger community. MU-Lancaster will become a catalyst for community conversation leading to action agendas focusing on creativity, innovation and engagement.

The 2009-10 year was not without its challenges. As a nation, we faced serious economic conditions that affected our families, our neighborhoods, our jobs, and our schools. Although the University has been, and continues to be, good stewards, we are being asked to deliver our quality education with even fewer resources. We will rise with these challenges; we will emerge even stronger; and we will arrive with our core principles intact.

These principles are expressed in the following strategic directions that guide our course.

I take great pride in sharing with you the President’s Report for 2009-10.

Francine G. McNairy
President, Millersville University